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Vaccines: “We Have Undercover Footage” – The Media DON’T Want This Out!

Meet Bill Gates (Transcript)— Forbidden Knowledge TV

 Alexandra Bruce   This documentary is James Corbett’s most important and urgent work to date. Many people have suspected that Bill Gates’ obsession with population control is driven by a eugenicist ideology – and that worse, his obsession with vaccines intersects with this eugenicist ideology. This came to the fore in 2014, when a tetanus […]

50% Capacity – The Days of Our Phases — Dispatches from the Asylum

  Desecration abounds each day in the land of 50% capacity. Disgruntled and deranged pinheads who somehow managed to secure some type of government job, being ‘gifted’ upon birth with a 50% mental capacity to produce nothing other than shitf**kery, and the other 50% of their mental capacity producing nothing more than toilet swirl, their […]