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Covid19: Black people should read the following very closely

  Covid19: A case for medical detectives Is medical malpractice causing the deaths of BAME patients? Dr Wolfgang Wodarg The numerous and disproportionately frequent deaths of Covid19 patients with dark skin colour and from southern countries are apparently also the result of a drug-related mistreatment. Those affected are people with a specific enzyme deficiency, which […]

Requiem for a patriot +snarky update

An exchange from https://aim4truth.org/2020/05/11/whistleblower-nails-fauci-rothschild-highlands-darpa/ Truth & Justice nomad 19h ago Hey Nomad. How about more suggestions and possible solutions and fewer cheap shots at people who are at least trying? That’s the problem with so many Patriots, they chew on their own instead of the enemies of the Republic. At least AIM gives their reasons […]