In Tearful Post, Frontline Nurse Explains How Covid-19 Patients are Being ‘Murdered’ in NYC Hospitals — Waking Times

Vic Bishop, Staff WriterWaking Times Here’s something you’re not going to see on the nightly news. With all of their pundits, experts, politicians, and feel good human interest stories, and all of their charts, graphs, predictions, models and projections, they won’t dare present testimony from front line hospital workers who don’t toe the official line.…

via In Tearful Post, Frontline Nurse Explains How Covid-19 Patients are Being ‘Murdered’ in NYC Hospitals — Waking Times


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    The very last place you want to be, EVER, is in a hospital. Are we receiving the full story? You decide.

    1. Shelby! They nearly killed me in 2018! I almost died twice! Because a doctor pierced my aorta while treating me for pneumonia!?!?.

      1. I believe you because the doctors have been trying to kill me as well as kill my cousin. Just recently they tried to kill my cousin, yet again by giving him an injection that causes heart attacks and then when he had a heart attack, they could not find any blockage and wanted to do exploratory stint shit on him and I got him the hell up out of there. The doctor at the hospital told him that he would be dead three days after he left the hospital if he did not get the ‘exploratory stint procedure’. It has now been five months and the cardiology department is still calling to set up an appointment. What the hell for? He’s supposed to be dead, they said so.

        They are trying to get rid of us. With machines coming down the pike and the fact that they believe that ‘humans’ are no longer needed and Black people should know where we stand in that we are going to be the first to go, there you go.

        All that I can suggest, nomad, is try and take care of yourself as best you can and STAY OUT OF THE HOSPITAL. COVID-19 has given them the perfect excuse to make sure that people die because they are exclaiming over how contagious it is and so of course, with no family members around them, people are going to be murdered by the medical profession. They’ve been doing that shit and getting away with it before COVID-19 and now, they’ve upped the ante.

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    Thanks for this, Aisle C. Wake the fuck up, people!

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