Daily Archives: May 2, 2020

Fear and Loathing of the COVID-19 Economy — Another Day in the Empire

[…] In short, propagandized and frightened citizens, in fear of a New Black Death that is nothing of the sort, are abrogating their birthright of individual liberty in favor of allowing the state to impose ever-increasing draconian measures—including an audacious expansion of surveillance—to control humanity. It should be obvious by now COVID-19 authoritarianism is already […]

Covid-19 death projections: Dead wrong

The scam of the century — Brasscheck TV The scam of the century Who came up with the death projections? It’s time to wake up Who came up with the death projections – all wildly exaggerated? Bill Gates and organizations controlled by him. Who has seven factories primed and ready (his words) to start making […]

Nobel Prize Winner Kary Mullis: “Fauci is a crook”

Dancing in the Mind Field — Brasscheck TV Opinion: “Fauci is a crook” Nobel Prize Winner Kary Mullis, who passed away last year, invented the PCR test. It’s the fundamental tool that makes all modern genetic research possible. He thought “Tony” Fauci was a crook. Here are the details. Nobel Prize winner Kary Mullis He […]