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The New Meaning of Genocide — Strategic Culture Foundation

Stephen Karganovic It is a paraphrase, of course, of the inimitable Dame Rebecca West, advanced with unshakable confidence that she would have heartily approved if she were alive today. The Corona virus put-on job has now been exposed for the brazen social engineering scheme, potential vaccination rip-off (and here), and ideologically driven mass population reduction project that it had always been, from […]

Say it ain’t so: Consortium News deploys the CIA’s “conspiracy theory” meme — OffGuardian

Mark Crispin Miller The late, great Robert Parry founded Consortium News in 1995, in response to “a crisis building in the U.S. news media,” whose allergy to inconvenient information he knew all too well from having worked for Newsweek and AP. 16 more words via Say it ain’t so: Consortium News deploys the CIA’s “conspiracy theory” […]

Dr. John Reizer | Covid-19: Stop The Damn Testing! — The EveryDay Concerned Citizen

Dr. John Reizer The US Government wants to drastically increase the number of people getting tested in America for COVID-19. There are millions of test kits being manufactured by companies to accommodate the requests of government officials and the CDC to get the entire country tested for the coronavirus. Image: Testing in Hawaii: https://www.staradvertiser.com/2020/03/22/hawaii-news/more-than-2200-line-up-for-free-coronavirus-testing/ I believe […]