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Updates (April 03 to April 12, 2020): Facts about Covid-19 — Swiss Propaganda Research — Taking Sides

Source: Swiss Propaganda Research [. . . Previous Updates: Friday, 03 April 2020 . . .] [. . .] APRIL 12, 2020 NEW STUDIES Stanford professor of medicine John Ioannidis concludes in a new study that the risk of death from Covid19 for people under 65 years of age, even in global „hotspots“, is equivalent to the […]


….Brian Gerrish@briangukc·9 Apr writes -Time for action – it’s now and there’s much that can be done from ‘Lock-Down’.Never underestimate the power of the pen and calm measured considered words on paper or email. Ask the questions. They do damage when the response is silence & or lies. Even 100 emails to an MP is […]

Jason Bermas Interview – Are We Being Lied To About COVID-19? Are ICUs Overrun? Can It Be Both?

St Louis Doctor has had enough