The Banned Bombshell David Icke Interview On Coronavirus “Hoax” —

David Icke was recently interviewed by Brian Rose at London Real on the coronavirus crisis. The 2 hour long interview was taken down by YouTube and Vimeo, but remains up on London Real’s site as well as BitChute under the title “David Icke – The Coronavirus Conspiracy: How COVID-19 Will Seize Your Rights & Destroy…


Icke’s interview has a few big takeaways:

1. He claims that “Covid-19” doesn’t exist.

The bombshell interview summarizes Icke’s extensive research into the virus, he concludes that it is, in fact, a “hoax”. The recorded case numbers, Icke claims, are manipulated figures; “There is no Covid-19, it doesn’t exist”.

2. Current testing methods are falsifying results.

Icke slammed the current virus testing methods, claiming that the common RT-PCR test doesn’t even test for Covid-19. It, in fact, tests only for certain genetic material, which in itself can have “many possible causes”.

If you test for just the genetic material, not Covid-19 itself, then the numbers can easily be skewed. Icke claims current testing methods misleadingly “amplify” test results. In order to get higher positive test counts, more of this “amplification” is used over time.

3. 5G at 60GHz will be used to kill people, with a “virus” as the cover story.

  • Icke claimed in the interview that doctors and scientists from 41 countries have petitioned against 5G, which is being rolled out without any testing.
  • 5G poisons human cells, which then release exosomes as an immune response. These exosomes then test positive for “Covid-19”, when in fact it is a response to 5G rather than a viral infection.
  • Icke also mentioned that while this entire crisis is happening, 5G masts and infrastructure is being rolled out in the background. People cannot protest against this as they are under total lockdown.
  • Elon Musk has been tasked with establishing the mass satellite network that will help to create a near-future 5G SMART grid.
  • 5G at 60Ghz stops the human body and blood absorbing oxygen. Therefore, it may be blamed on Covid-19 or a similar virus, which also has a similarly respiratory impact in restricting intake of oxygen.
  • The ongoing mass-construction of mortuaries suggests foreknowledge of mass death.
  • 5G is or will be in most urban settlements; schools, hospitals, it is nearly everywhere.

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