No. They’re still spraying

Yesterday (Sunday) I was thinking of resuming my chemwatch reports because there were  numerous trails crisscrossing the sky. I cannot say whether this amount of trails has been frequent or infrequent lately. I have spent very little time outside. But the chemtrails yesterday were quite profuse. I decided today  to make a note of this because of what I heard on this Jim Fetzer video. Apparently, according to Fetzer and Carl Herman, there is a struggle going on behind the scenes between two factions of the government.  One caller called in saying that chemtrails had ceased during this Covid-19 crisis. And that that was a sign that the White Hats, the good guys, were winning.

Well, from what I saw yesterday, that’s not exactly true. The trails may have ceased where the caller lives (wherever that is), but not where I live. It happens from time to time that they stop spraying here, as I imagine they do in other areas throughout the nation. If they are not spraying where I live, I do not assume that they have stopped the spraying program. I just assume they are spraying somewhere else. They always return. I’m sure that the weather engineers don’t have as many planes at their disposal during this global lockdown. There are not  as many commercial flights to use. But the military planes are, no doubt, still flying

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