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Is the Covid-19 pathogen a bio-weapon?

Dane Wigington GeoengineeringWatch.org Unprecedented events are rapidly unfolding all over the globe. Is Nature to blame? Or are the primary causal factors directly related to human activity and power structure agendas? Societies are being locked down around the world, up to a million US military reserve troops are being called back to service. Is martial law about […]

The real America? #TrumpGenocide Trending — Veterans Today | Military Foreign Affairs Policy Journal for Clandestine Services

By the Senior Editor With fullscale censorship of all media, all media, only Twitter is left. Yesterday, the Michigan governor, on WJR radio (“the” major regional station for the Midwest) announced that Trump was personally blocking medical equipment deliveries to Michigan and other states, something she confirmed with Vice President Pence, who has been ordered, by […]

Bob Dylan Sings Truth About JFK Assassination — PaulCraigRoberts.org

Bob Dylan Sings Truth About JFK Assassination https://www.lewrockwell.com/2020/03/edward-curtin/dylan-sings-truth-about-the-jfk-assassination/  The post Bob Dylan Sings Truth About JFK Assassination appeared first on PaulCraigRoberts.org. The CIA’s assassination of  President John Kennedy in 1963 is the foundational event in the invisible government’s takeover of the United States. Some of us have been repeating this for years, only to be dismissed with […]