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Alas poor Bernie

The Corporations and Their Media Strangled Bernie, and Older Black Voters Tied the Knot Glen Ford […]Blacks circle their wagons around the Democratic establishment, perceiving it as the only refuge from Donald Trump and his marauding White Man’s Party. […] Black people don’t vote their own political convictions in Democratic primaries; they give their votes […]

Free Market Capitalism: The Greatest Lie Every Told — The Most Revolutionary Act

The Entrepreneurial State: Debunking Public vs Private Sector Myths By Mariana Mazzucato Anthem Press (2013) Book Review This book totally shatters the lie that the free market makes the US the world’s greatest economic power. Mazzucato leaves the reader with absolutely no doubt the exact opposite is true […] As Mazzucato’s research ably demonstrates, capitalism […]

Cash-Strapped Hospitals Can’t Handle the Coronavirus — Truthdig RSS

Opponents of nationalized health care argue that a government-run health system would lead to health care rationing, forcing patients to go without critical care because the government can’t afford it. Rationing, however, is exactly what American hospitals in our private health care system are now facing with the advent of the new coronavirus. The Seattle… via […]

Freedom Rider: Corona Virus and the Failed American State

Margaret Kimberley, — China built two coronavirus hospitals in just over one week. The United States has none of the systems or infrastructure that would allow it to accomplish what China has done to fight mass infection. The only thing more frightening than the COVID-19 virus spreading around the world is the knowledge that this […]