Freedom Rider: Bloomberg is Worse Than Trump


Bloomberg’s campaign is a declaration. He has cut out the middle man of check bundling and political action committee formations. He is willing to be the face of the super rich who cause so much suffering. The fact that so many black elected officials have surrendered so quickly is a bad omen. As president Bloomberg would have his way with cheap crooks like [Al] Sharpton and mayors and congress people too.

Trump is like his friend and defense attorney Giuliani. He goes out of his way to offend and create enemies. Bloomberg doesn’t have enemies because he buys them off. He is even paying off political operatives and depriving campaigns all over the country of experienced staffers. We already live under billionaire rule. Bloomberg in office or even as king maker will prove to be worse for black people than a Trump presidency ever could be.

The reason for this conclusion is simple and very sad. Black politics is dead. Black politicians want it that way and a sugar daddy billionaire will suit them just fine, and the people be damned. The error of treating Trump like an aberration is now evident. In New York City it was possible to have a worse mayor than Giuliani. In the nation it is possible to have a worse president than Trump. Michael Bloomberg fits that description.

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