A tale of two fascisms


Black folks want protection from the wild white hordes, but they won’t get it from the corporate Democrats that passed preventive detention without trial (Obama); allowed the FBI to re-fashion COINTELPRO with its “Black Identity Extremist” category (under Obama); oversaw the loss of half of (already miniscule) Black household wealth (Obama); saved the multinational banking dictatorship with free money for the oligarchs (Obama), allowing parasites like Bloomberg and Bezos to become capitalist super-predators (and Democrats) whose class is cleansing urban America of its Black and brown populations (both parties, but mostly Democrats); and set in motion a New Cold War regime that censors left publications (like Black Agenda Report) and surveils everyone under an alphabet soup of spies and assassins joined politically at the hip with…Democrats. 

But, purported progressives say the Green Party is a mortal danger because: Trump. It is true that Trump is a fascist of the white settler state variety, a product of the world’s first totally racially-regimented society, which served as a model for the fascisms of 20th century Europe. Multinational, late stage capitalism has produced another form of fascism that has learned to wear the garments of “diversity” at home while simultaneously erecting the most thoroughgoing police/mass incarceration state in human history, filled mainly with Black and brown prisoners, all the while murdering millions of non-whites in the imperial killing fields, abroad. 

These two manifestations of fascism interact and contradict, but they both serve white supremacy and Capital. In 2020, one of them is headquartered in the overwhelmingly white Republican Party, and the other in the largely Black and brown Democratic Party – both of which are instruments of Capital. The political battle is to isolate the racists of the GOP and force them to choose between dwindling white material and “psychological” privilege and the health and welfare benefits of a socially just society and peaceful, breathable world. 


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