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Black Devil: “You’re not my brother”

Damn! Why haven’t I seen this before?

The Danger In Threats — PaulCraigRoberts.org

The Danger In Threats Paul Craig Roberts The high tensions caused by Washington between the US and Iran are to blame for the Ukrainian airliner that was shot down. “Human error at a time of crisis caused by US adventurism led to disaster.” https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/stunning-reversal-iran-admits-accidentally-shooting-down-ukrainian-passenger-jet#comment_stream  Just as the Iranian commander misinterpreted the airliner’s maneuver as a […]

WEATHER WARFARE: Ten Years Ago – Haitian Disaster Relief Scenario Tested by US Military One Day Before the Earthquake — RIELPOLITIK

Source – globalresearch.ca – “…The disaster relief scenario and exercise were HELD ONE DAY BEFORE IT HAPPENED. on January 11, 2000 under the auspices of US Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM), the regional military command responsible for the Southern part of the Western Hemisphere. Was this coincidental or did USSOUTHCOM have foreknowledge of what was going to […] […]

ABOVE TOP SECRET, ‘EYE’S ONLY’: The Mysterious TR-3B – Not Every UFO Spotted is One of Theirs — RIELPOLITIK

Source – bell.greyfalcon.us – “…The tactical reconnaissance TR-3B’s (code-named Astra) first operational flight was in the early 90s. The triangular shaped nuclear powered aerospace platform was developed under the Top Secret, Aurora Program with SDI and black budget monies. At least 3 of the billion dollar plus TR-3Bs were flying by 1994. The Aurora is […] […]

Bernie Sanders says “some wars are necessary” — World Socialist Web Site (en)

By Tom Hall Sanders’ stated opposition to Trump’s threatened war in Iran is a political trap being set for workers and youth. […] Many people naturally assume that Sanders’ professed “democratic socialism” also means that the 78 year-old senator is an opponent of imperialist war. But in reality, since first entering Congress in 1991, Sanders has […]