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Jews Are Feeling Guilty: They Should Be. Their Influence Has Been Cancerous to America — Russia Insider Daily Headlines

Gilad Atzmon  THE JEWISH QUESTION It has become an institutional Jewish habit to examine how much Jews are hated by their host nations and how fearful Jews are of their neighbours. Jewish press outlets reported yesterday that “9 out of 10 US Jews worry about anti-Semitism.” I, for one, can’t think of another people who invest so […]

Who is the world’s richest country?

Inequality Is Like a Tax on Two-Thirds of Your Income — Truthdig RSS by Sam Pizzigati / OtherWords Who is the world’s richest country? That may seem like a simple question, but it’s not. According to the Global Wealth Report from banking giant Credit Suisse, it all depends on how we define “richest.” If we mean the nation […]

Henry Makow: “Soul Scalping” Report Matches Secret Majestic Docs — Veterans Today

  by VT Editors  – Introduction There’s a story here.  As it is told below, demons enter the famous, the chosen, those who take the deal.  It’s a good story. The issue here is that we have seen the story below, in very very classified documents, no black eyes, no John McCain, but a very […]