Botham Jean, Joshua Brown and Antonio Williams all dead because of 21st century lynch law

Freedom Rider: Botham Jean, Joshua Brown and Antonio Williams

The death of a police murder witness in Dallas is reminiscent of another police atrocity and coverup in New York City.

We know that a black person is killed by the police, security or vigilantes every day. Most of these victims remain unknown to the public. But sometimes a few of those cases make the news. When that happens we embrace the victim as if they were our own friend or family member.

Botham Jean was once such individual. He was killed by an off duty Dallas, Texas police woman while he was in his own home. She claimed to have mistaken his apartment for hers and believed he was a burglar. Jean was sitting in his home watching television when he was murdered. Only black people die the way he did.

There is always hope that justice will be done but also recognition that it is rarely the case. Yet in Dallas the killer cop was actually convicted by a multi-racial jury. But what should have been a cause for some relief turned into farce as some black people sank to the lowest levels of debasement they possibly could. A female bailiff comforted the murderer after her conviction and even stroked her hair. The victim’s brother gave the killer a hug and his father said he hoped to befriend her one day. The judge also felt compelled to hug the shooter and give her a bible, too.

The insult was not just to Botham Jean’s memory but to every black person who must witness these sick and embarrassing displays. But consternation over the appalling behavior was not the worst thing that would happen.

Joshua Brown was Jean’s neighbor and he testified in court about what he heard the night of the killing. His presence in the courtroom was in question until the very last moment. He feared for his life and left Texas before the trial. He returned and testified under duress  after being subpoenaed by prosecutors. Just three days after the conviction Brown was also killed.    

Brown’s murder was immediately considered suspect by all black people and anyone else with common sense. Credulity was strained further when Dallas police identified three suspects who they say drove more than four hours from Louisiana to do a drug deal with Brown that “went bad.” Police also claimed to have found $4,000, and marijuana in Brown’s apartment. Needless to say this version of events is highly suspect.

While the facts surrounding Botham Jean’s and Brown’s murders were somewhat anomalous, a man in New York City suffered the same fate but in a more typical fashion for police murder victims. The police and their friends in local media misinformed the public because they not only had to cover up the circumstances of Antonio Williams death, but also their role in accidentally killing one of their own at the same time. We were told that a “hero cop” was shot by a man labeled as a gang suspect, Williams, who was then shot by other police.

Like Jean, Williams was also minding his own business when the encounter began. He was standing outside a building in the Edenwald housing authority complex in the Bronx. Such behavior is quite legal, but black people are never safe from the police and the most benign activity can suddenly be cause for execution. 

According to witnesses, plain clothes police emerged from an unmarked car and began to question Williams who then attempted to leave the scene. According to a witness , Williams’ last words were, “I didn’t do nothing. Why are you bothering me? Why are you after me?” The police tackled and shot him but two of the bullets struck one of officers and he died along with Williams.

The friendly fire death made the news, but there was no question or debate regarding the dubious police practices which led to the deaths of two people. Over-policing of black people and the use of alleged gang activity as a pretext have caused unjustified arrests and the deaths of people like Antonio Williams.

So far not one black elected official in New York City has publicly commented on this most recent instance of police lynch law. The local media took on the role of scribes and repeated the NYPD version of events word for word. They mention that Wiliams had a criminal record but they never pose larger questions about policing in black communities.

Josmar Trujillo  did what other journalists should have done and pointed out the dubious reasoning behind policing in housing projects. Entire communities are labeled dangerous, young people are prosecuted via dubious RICO statutes. The cops who shot Williams behaved in their usual way. There is no body or dash board camera footage. They claim to have found a gun but it isn’t clear if they did or if it was planted or if it belonged to Williams at all.

The circumstance of Williams death means that his story will fly under the radar. Jean’s passing won’t be forgotten nor will the behavior of black people whose actions gave aid and comfort to our enemies.

Black elected officials in New York City should also be condemned because of their silence. The liberal mayor Bill deBlasio has lionized the dead cop but says nothing about Williams. To add insult to injury his solution is to flood the Edenwald Houses with more police, the only people who are doing any killing there.

Williams, Jean and Brown are all dead because of 21st century lynch law. We should not only say their names but we must call out by name those black people who made such an awful spectacle of themselves in the courtroom. Jean’s family should not be spared from this scorn. The only way they can begin to make amends is to thank Brown for his testimony and demand an independent investigation of his death.

The psychological damage done to black people reverberates. So much so that a family would not stand in righteous and uncompromised indignation against the person who killed their loved one. Black elected officials are silent cowards and neither speak nor act on behalf of their people. The rest of us must be watchful and prevent ourselves from falling under the spell of insanity and treachery. Let us begin by remembering Botham Jean, Joshua Brown and Antonio Williams. No one will if we do not. Black lives don’t matter in New York, Dallas or anywhere else.


  1. It may seem farfetched that these murderers drove from Louisiana to Texas to complete a drug deal, but I know of people who have traveled from Virginia to New York to complete drug deals. People leave the U.S. and cross the Mexican border to bring drugs back here. Texas and Louisiana are right next door to each other. And even Joshua Brown admitted that he smoked marijuana frequently, both him and Botham Shem Jean to the point whereas the leasing office personnel were bringing notes to them.

    For heaven’s sake, the man was shot outside a strip club the same year Botham Shem Jean was shot and he was fearful of dying violently. That speaks of someone who is engaged in an activity that could bring about violence. I know many Black people who are not fearful that they will die violently because they are not engaged in activities that would cause them to constantly fear for their lives in order to die in that manner. Now getting shot dead by cops at a traffic stop would be considered, dying violently, but I don’t think that is what Joshua Brown had in mind.

    1. Yes. What you say is true. But the timing of Brown’s death is suspicious. Even if the killing happened as the cops say it doesnt mean something fishy wasnt going on. Murderers can be contracted. Evidence planted. The way the Dallas police covered for Guyger and intimidated witnesses suggests to me that they are capable of much worse. Also, though possession of pot is a crime in most places, it shouldnt be.

      1. If the cops wanted to ‘silence’ Brown, they could have done so before he testified. Anyone with two eyes can see that there are no attempts to cover up what used to be a little bit on the down low. Nothing is even subtle anymore. Also, the cops are not dumb, they knew that if they murdered Brown, they would be the first suspects; not that they care.

        And even if they are the ones who murdered Brown, what is anyone going to do about it especially seeing as how Amber Guyger’s murder conviction only got her a 10 year sentence and I doubt she even does that? And with Black folks in the courtroom coddling her, stroking her, hugging her, forgiving her, handing her bibles and wishing she didn’t even have to go to jail, I mean, seriously? They didn’t even care that Botham Shem Jean had been murdered and so what does that say about millions of Black people, who are still saying that because they are ‘christians’, that was the right thing to do? I have stopped even saying anything out in public anymore about this case because I’d end up in jail over this Black ‘christian’ foolishness.

        Black people are as helpless as newborn babies. The only thing we can do about anything is print signs and protest for two days, go home and wait until it all happens again.

      2. What you say is very true. I certainly have no idea whats going on. BTW how did you get that info on Browns wife? Very interesting. But anyway, if the police wanted to kill him, they certainly would not want to do it directly. As you say ‘they knew that if they murdered Brown, they would be the first suspects’. So if for some reason they wanted him dead they would use contract killers. I dont put it past them. Like i say, the timing is too suspicious to dismiss that possibility. I see from the article that he was a reluctant witness that had left town to avoid testifying and strangely distraught on the stand. Perhaps because he had been threatened. Who knows? Certainly they could have killed him before he testified but thought threats would have been sufficient to prevent him. When it wasnt it was perhaps necessary to follow thru on the threats. Perhaps the murder was retribution for coming forward after having been warned not to. Who knows/ I certainly dont, but I do not rule it out.

      3. Nomad, I don’t know what’s going on, but I got the information about Brown’s wife from a Youtube video. The Youtube channel is “Geneva’s Closet.”

        Believe me, I put nothing past the cops, but this man was most definitely not a saint; not that any of us are. People keep forgetting that he was shot the same year Botham Shem Jean was shot and another man was shot who died at the scene where Brown was shot and even Brown stated that the man who fired the shot meant for him to be the one shot dead. The guy that shot Brown, who is up on murder charges and who is out on bail, has categorically denied shooting Brown THIS time. Brown was involved in some illicit mess. Now, that I do believe. And if I’d been shot once and I thought that the other person who was shot dead, was shot dead by mistake and that the lethal bullet was meant for me, I’d be shaking and carrying on if I had to act as a witness in a high profile murder case. We can speculate all day and all night as to who ordered the hit on Joshua Brown, but will we ever know the facts? I doubt it.

        Also, it could be that the cops got someone Black to take the fall for Brown’s murder just like they did for Nipsey Hussle’s murder.

    2. Also, it could be that the cops got someone Black to take the fall for Brown’s murder just like they did for Nipsey Hussle’s murder.

      Thats true. I get your point. Brown might not be the victim of lynching. But if we take his name out, there are so many others that could be put in and not change the premise of Kimberley’s article.

      1. That is very true. Nomad, I am not disagreeing with you or with the premise of Kimberley’s article. The only thing I am saying is that I have been moaning and whining on my blog since 2013 and what have I accomplished in even trying to attempt to fight back against the vicious system of ‘white supremacy’ that whites salivate over? Not a thing because there is nothing that I can do in a concrete way about this system.

        Many people have died trying to fight the system of ‘white supremacy’ and it only revs up even more. We can speculate over who murdered yet another Black man into infinity and still, it changes nothing. Kimberley’s article changes nothing. Article after article; well written and extremely articulate changes nothing. When video evidence of Black people getting beat half to death as in what happened to Rodney King does nothing, that ought to tell you something because this mess most certainly did not stop there.

    3. Yes. A very bad state of affairs. There is nothing you and I can do about it. Except to chronicle it. That is about the most we can do. Keep it from falling down the memory hole. Like this post here about a black woman that was firebombed in her car the day before testifying in a 911 related trial. I dont think too many people know about that. But I do. I thereby prevent it from falling down the memory hole.
      Thats about all we can hope to do. I know its not much. But its somethin’. As opposed to doing nothing. Basically my goal, as suggested by the blog title, is to see. To see whats going on. 50 years after the 60s, there is still a man with a gun over there, tellin me I got to beware. I ask in words of Marvin Gaye “whats going on”. I know somethins going on, cause everythings moving. So anyway, thats about all I can do. That and tell everybody I can that youre a fool if you (still) believe in Obama. That is the worst thing that ever happened to black people this century. I want to help black people understand that and that it was case of massive socio-political subversion. Why? I dont know. I resent his treachery. Probably because it is the epitome of treachery. But thats about all I can do. It aint much but its all I got.

      And if a black president cant establish initiatives to counter this out of control police violence on the black citizenry, who can? Trump? A Clinton? A Bush? This issue rose into prominence, due to phone cameras and the internet giving graphic testimony, during Obamas administration. He did nothing, which simply caused it to fester. In this case, doing nothing is a crime. Hence, with this malign neglect, he delivered us to here. Where a black person somewhere in America getting killed by the police everyday is normal.

      Thats all I can do. See it. Chronicle it. Condemn it when necessary.

      Oh!!! And chemtrails!!! Im also seeing those goddamned chemtrails and telling everybody I can about them. Again, not much, but its all I can do.

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