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MOB RULE: ‘Kosher Nostra’, Trump, Likudists & The Israeli-Russian Mafia — RIELPOLITIK

Source – veteranstoday.com – “…The Likud Party has, since the mid-90s, been nothing more than a front for the Russian mafia…It took them just a few years to seize power there, which they did by taking over the Likud and killing Yitzhak Rabin to end the peace process. They chose Netanyahu to be their political […] […]

USA Now Run as a National Security State — SOTN: Alternative News, Analysis & Commentary

Daniel McAdams: “The US Has Ceased Being a Republic and Has Become a National Security State” BY MOHSEN ABDELMOUMEN American Herald Tribune Mohsen Abdelmoumen: Your Twitter account has just been closed. Why? Daniel McAdams: In August I was watching a segment of the … Continue reading → via USA Now Run as a National Security State […]

Look at this shit

Taxpayers Held Liable After Video Shows Cops Search Man’s Anal Cavity Over Window Tint Stop — The Free Thought Project A stop for window tint turned into a roadside anal cavity search by police officer and now the taxpayers will be held liable. […] As TFTP reported in July, deputies Daniel Wilkey and Bobby Brewer stopped […]