Daily Archives: September 17, 2019

Israelgate? Trump doesn’t care if Israel spies on his administration

Trump Sweeps Israeli Dragnet Surveillance of Washington DC Under the Rug — The Anti-Media “I don’t think the Israelis are spying on us; I really would find that hard to believe. My relationship with Israel has been great,” Trump told reporters. The culprit behind a massive spying scandal in the U.S. capital has been exposed. […] According to Politico, […]

DC: Epicenter of the psychopathocracy

Sociopaths – The Most Privileged and Promoted Class in the US Political, Industrial Systems — Russia Insider Daily Headlines Ryan Murphy, an economist at Southern Methodist University, recently published a working paper in which he ranked each of the states by the predominance of—there’s no nice way to put it—psychopaths. The winner? Washington in a walk. In […]

Putin Endorses Netanyahu for Re-Election; Offers No Objection to Israeli Campaign to Enslave Palestine — Russia Insider Daily Headlines

On Friday afternoon in Sochi, President Vladimir Putin kept Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu waiting for three hours, and then publicly endorsed him for re-election. Putin’s endorsement was unconditional: he could have warned against Netanyahu’s election pledge, revealed last week, to annex the West Bank of Palestine, but he didn’t. Putin could have warned against… via […]