9/11 – TAKE THE QUIZ! — The Vineyard of the Saker

via 9/11 – TAKE THE QUIZ! — The Vineyard of the Saker


  1. i took the quiz. missed 5. got 3 half right. lets just say i missed 6 and a half. so i scored 16 or 17 out of the 23. within the 10 – 19 range.

  2. i had no idea about the plane speeds. that it was probably not the airliners that hit the towers or the pentagon. or the one that crashed in Pennsylvania. i had doubted this notion before because if it were true, that means the plotters of this operation had to disappear 4 planeloads of people. hundreds of people had to be disposed of in some way by the perpetrators. if they were summarily killed it that somehow makes it even more heinous. if these planes were not the hijacked airliners, what happened to the airliners and to the hundreds of people on board? Were the planes taken over by remote control and crashed somewhere else? How could this be done leaving no evidence and no witnesses? I doubt that the people on board could have been allowed to live by the perpetrators. Obviously they have no problem with killing on a massive scale.

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