9/11’s a lie

I was looking for an article I didn’t quite get around to reading, but whose title suggests people have been taught to not believe what they see with their own eyes and instead adhere to the official narrative. It doesn’t matter if I can’t find the article or, perhaps, that the point of the article is not what I thought  at all. It is still an important point to make.

I watched parts of a 9/11 documentary on mainstream TV last week which presented the most complete version of the official narrative, which of course asserts that al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden attacked the United States. That well may be so. To my mind it has yet to be definitively proven. Any hope of getting the truth died with the apparent assassination of bin Laden and the dumping of his body in the sea. But, still, that he attacked the USA and brought down the Twin Towers is what I am expected to believe. Every mainstream news host believes it. Every politician. Everyone, for the most part. As James Corbett so brilliantly summarized, this is what I’m supposed to believe happened. This is what most Americans actually believe.

Is this official narrative plausible? I suppose it was easier to believe before we were so blatantly  lied to on a grand scale by our government; lied into a costly war in Iraq. That should have done it for the credibility of our intelligence agencies and the executive branch and their handmaiden the mainstream news. We now know, because of the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ lie, the extent to which our government and its news media are willing to lie to its people. If they lied to us about this, they’ll lie about anything.

Before the Iraq war we could maybe take the official narrative of 9/11 at face value, before the media and government lost its credibility with the gigantic Iraq war fiasco. But not afterwards. A government capable of lying us into war is capable of immense lies. 9/11 appears to be one of them. Because of this loss of credibility the official conclusion of 9/11 is called into question, especially since Osama bin Laden did not have the technical means to accomplish the carnage attributed to him.

And yet we find even respected journalists reciting this narrative as if it were fact.  At 3:54 (don’t know why I can’t queue it up).

I find Rick Sanchez’s propagation of the official narrative particularly ironic because this is RT, the news network that first challenged that narrative. The primary reason I began watching RT was because of Abby Martin’s (Breaking the Set) bold challenging of the official narrative several years ago. And now here we are with RT’s primary news anchor blithely accepting it.

Rick Sanchez and mainstream news reporters are required to believe Osama bin Laden brought down the Twin Towers. And we American citizens are required to not believe our eyes. If we did we would see that the Towers didn’t just collapse, they disintegrated.

Bin Laden did this? What strange new weapon did he use?

9/11’s a lie. And 18 years later, we’re still believing it.


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