Russia’s English language media compromised— Veterans Today | Military Foreign Affairs Policy Journal for Clandestine Services

A Less than Intel Drop, those Darned Europeans and the Stinky Russian Press


What we are… writing about today is a small but visible portion of the Russian, or better “fake Russian” press, Sputnik and RT.  Still, they publish news censored in the US and get many stories right.  What has happened is that it takes 5 seconds to see they have been compromised.

It matters so much because they are important.  They are heavily funded, have some excellent staff yet now kowtow to the American right, are clearly Zionist.  By “Zionist,” I mean that they publish fake stories favoring Israel even when Russia is fighting Israel in the Middle East.

Russia is sided with Iran, Syria and Yemen, all of which are under military attack by Israel where Russians have been killed by Israelis. (even Yemen)

By siding we mean “lying.”  It is OK to favor Israel, maybe not morally correct by most standards, but not insane.  Yet almost all who do favor Israel lie continually.  Oddly, the Israeli press, on the whole, lies less than others, except for military censorship over the press where Israeli’s military losses are covered up.

You see, the IDF has no combat experience and all those they love lobbing missiles at do.  That will turn out to be a big problem at some point if things go as expected.

So, the Russians love to tell Americans how lazy we are.  Most Americans only know Russia from their wonderful YouTube (a censored Zionist medium that favors terrorists) videos of car crashes.  Russians are nice as well, we just complain when they are victimized by their own media, not all of it mind you, but their English language media.  We complain because they used to tell the truth, as “last man standing” and now that’s left to VT and we operate with “0” cash and under constant investigation for our ties to the Russian media which we now differ from so greatly.  Oh, the Irony of it.


via A Less than Intel Drop, those Darned Europeans and the Stinky Russian Press — Veterans Today | Military Foreign Affairs Policy Journal for Clandestine Services


  1. yes. i was shocked to find that › news allowed racist comments in its comments sections and deleted my complaints about it. that told me that something was wrong here. either the russian operators of this site were racist or the moderators were american. also ive noticed increased rightwing perspectives in their news programs.

  2. Compromised! Listen to this at 3:54 as Sanchez says Osama bin Ladin attacked us on 9/11. Really? Does any informed person really believe that? Or is Sanchez just feeding his audience propaganda? :

    How does RT go from someone like Abby Martin who exposed the 9/11 false flag to a Rick Sanchez who accepts the government narrative as fact and Papantonio who condemns the very notion of ‘conspiracy theory’? Quo vadis, RT?

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