“United States” to Imperial America: Our Hidden Empire

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  1. taotesan · · Reply

    having nightmares , and chesr beatng wildly .

    access to wifi so can write . trying to write on paper – handwriting gone to pot.

    so many dots ….connecting…..remebering the first words of the AMERICAN ! constitution

    We the People of the United States , in Order ……
    Read the whole preamble with the eyes of a true truth seeker , with the literary skills of shakespeare and sleuthing of sherlock

    A multi dimensional understanding of We the People , will teveal who the owners of the united states are

    just like the second amendment- there are multi layered meanings..

    understand the art of war
    in american parlance – an INTEL operation from the very beginning- was shakespeare ever made compulsory?

    BEAR ARMS – seriously muskets and flintlocks ?
    multiple layers – i can read at least six meaning s into ” bear arms ” , and i am not even american .
    what have they done to the people , the real people of the land of america ? makes one heart break because the few to tell the truth straight in your own country must be permanently silenced .

    evething we have been ordered to learn is a total fabrication , not only in america , in south africa , too.

    chicken pox blankets from the “white man ” – seriously .
    it has been 1984 for millenia .
    ” every record has been destroyed or falsified , every book rewritten ……..History has stopped.”

    learning and telling the truth at the turning point of their great reset.

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