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Russia and Israel Are Allies? — Global Research

Well, That Explains a Lot The head of Mossad dispelled whatever doubt may have remained among some in the Alt-Media Community about the existence of “Putinyahu’s Rusrael” when he credited “channels of communication with the Kremlin” for contributing to what he described as the “one-time … The post Russia and Israel Are Allies? appeared first […]

NewsGuard is ‘Reviewing’ Every Indy Media Site on the Web – READ Their Email Exchange with Waking Times — Waking Times

Dylan Charles, EditorWaking Times If you’re half awake today you already know that in the last couple of years we have officially entered the era of digital censorship. Independent media organizations with hard-earned followings have been de-platformed from social media and have been ejected from online business services, bankrupting many of them. This happens mostly… via […]