Trump the swamp

Tommy Sheridan

Donald Trump talks incessantly about “draining the swamp” in reference to political corruption and lies in America.


The truth is he has no intention of ‘draining the swamp’ because he has lived in it all his life alongside the millionaire and billionaire elites he calls friends. Far from draining the swamp President Donald Trump is making that swamp even more putrid and rancid with the stench of lies, privilege and rank hypocrisy that wafts from it daily.

Trump is the guy who supports and cheer-leads the separation of children from their mothers at border checkpoints.

Trump is the guy who mocks the disabled in public.

Trump is the guy who equates anti-racist campaigners and White Supremacists who deliberately kill and drive into crowds of defenceless and innocent people.

Trump is the guy whipping up hatred by banning Muslims from entering the US and refusing to condemn or even question police officers guilty of shooting and killing unarmed black men.

Trump is the guy who abused women and bought their silence and consistently uses sexist language to undermine any female critics.

Trump is the guy who has overruled the elected House of Representatives decision to ban arms sales to Saudi Arabia in protest at their illegal use of those weapons and litany of human rights abuses. Trump represents the military companies not the innocent victims of war crimes in Yemen.

Trump is the guy imposing deadly economic sanctions on the people of Venezuela in an attempt to overthrow an elected government.

Trump is the guy threatening to attack Iran and spark a catastrophic war with huge consequences for the Middle East and rest of the world.

If you think that guy deserves anything other than outright condemnation and organised opposition then you should seriously assess your moral compass.

Jeremy Corbyn is absolutely right to join the protesters today in opposing this dangerous bigot. Trump may not be a fascist but he certainly displays many of the prejudices and views synonymous with those of White Supremacists.

The media in this country should not be condemning Jeremy Corbyn for addressing the anti-Trump rally today, they should be asking the other so-called believers in democracy and human rights why they are not joining him?

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