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9/11 flight paths — Brasscheck TV

Unasked – and unanswered – questions Bizarre and obvious 9/11 flight paths. Unasked – and unanswered – questions. This aspect of 9/11 is as bizarre at the still unexplained collapse of WTC 7. Why did the all planes turn their transponders off roughly at the same time as they were all simultaneously passing through areas… via […]

How Did Russiagate Begin? — PaulCraigRoberts.org

How Did Russiagate Begin?Why Barr’s investigation is important and should be encouraged.By Stephen F. CohenMAY 30, 2019 It cannot be emphasized too often: Russiagate—allegations that the American president has been compromised by the Kremlin and which may even have helped to put him in the White House—is the worst and (considering the lack of actual evidence)… […]