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We turn our attention to another “truth” that has been hidden and suppressed from the general public – the incredible health benefits of cannabis and hemp, not to mention the hundreds, if not thousands, of commercial, industrial, and residential uses of weed.

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Cannabis and the Secret of Enlightenment

The article below supports the audio above:

The Truth About Endocannabinoids

Next, listen to the audio below to learn about the 20,000 year history of cannabis and why it was legally suppressed in the United States and perhaps your own country.

Most Useful Product of 20,000 years


Cannabis has been the most useful plant in history that has been worshiped by the ancients and reviled by Western science. From the highest praise for the sap of the hemp plant, called soma, to the derogatory term “weed”, cannabis is the most misunderstood and mysterious plant. Ancient Siberian shamans believed that cannabis came from heaven as a gift from the gods, while the Hindu culture of India believed that the god Shiva himself brought it to earth as a sacred drink that the gods use to maintain their enlightened consciousness and immortality.

drunk somaOn the other hand, in America, about one third of the people in jail are there because of a drug conviction involving marijuana. Many times, it is a tiny part of a “joint” in the ashtray that sends these recreational marijuana “criminals” to jail. At this point, seventeen American states have legalized some aspect of medical or recreational marijuana, yet many people in those very states are still in jail for possession of marijuana or even simply “marijuana paraphernalia.” This mysterious plant has a pervasive effect on society throughout the world and may hold the keys to solving many illnesses, commercial needs, and possible economic liberty.

There are those who get upset at even the mention of marijuana, pot, weed, hemp, medical marijuana or any reference whatsoever to the cannabis plant. Americans will argue with you that even hemp should not be legal, even though it is widely used and legal in almost every other country in the world. Many supposedly “well-informed” Americans will tell you that cannabis, in any form, is simply evil and harms anyone who uses it.

One might ask why Americans are so adamant about such misinformation. One explanation is that the “war on drugs”, which lumped marijuana in with narcotics, truly brain-washed Americans into a stupor of ignorance and disinformation that may not be able to be undone. Even in states where marijuana (which we prefer to call cannabis) is legal and there are medical advances in the treatment of almost every illness with CBDs, THCs, and the many other amazing substances in cannabis, brain-washed people will not hear a single word of the research. Modern science is rocketing forward in accepting the wonders of cannabis and its seemingly endless uses.

endocannabinoid system

The endocannabinoid system in the human body is one of the most exciting new discoveries of the century, yet you can hardly find an American who knows that cannabis, in all its forms, feeds and nourishes this most important system of the body that controls the endocrine gland system. In just the last five years, the primal importance of the endocannabinoid system has shocked medical science and has rewritten what we know about the human body.

What is the big secret of cannabis that has caused so much obfuscation, conflation, confabulation and nonsensical lies that have driven society to worship or revile this plant? What magical properties of this plant have caused 10,000 years of recorded history to spend so much time on figuring out all of the wondrous effects that can be derived from its substances?

These questions cannot be answered easily, but we will try in this article to shine light on the nature and characteristics of this sacred plant and try to unravel the mysteries enshrouding cannabis. But first, the reader must be willing to open their mind to the bhangpossibility of discoveries that go beyond modern science’s limited view. The modern materialistic world-view condemns 10,000 years of religion worship and devotion to the magical effects of cannabis on human consciousness, health, and well-being. Cannabis, in its oldest and most commonly used form is simply dried and powdered marijuana buds with a little water – a drink the Hindus call bhang, the sacred soma drink of the gods.

Bhang is available throughout India everywhere and there have been no noted negative effects over the millennia, even though everyone, including children and ascetic monks, drink bhang regularly. Very complicated mixtures of bhang are also used as an entheogen, a religious tool to attain transcendental experiences with higher beings during sacred rituals. Cannabis is the oldest known plant used as a religious drink to attain what the Greeks called divine nectar and ambrosia and the Hindus called amrita, soma, or usana.


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Yes, I know. It’s AIM. But when not shilling for Trump they are quite informative. This one, however, exceeds my wildest expectations.

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