Daily Archives: May 31, 2019

President Evil

We Can’t Have A Party of Our Own Because Poor People Can’t Be Trusted? — Black Agenda Report Bruce A. Dixon […] I will concede that Trump is definitely evil, but that’s been making the rounds a long time now. Nixon and Reagan were evil. The Bush dynasty was nothing if not evil, and so […]

Secrets of Cannabis Revealed — American Intelligence Media

AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE MEDIA We turn our attention to another “truth” that has been hidden and suppressed from the general public – the incredible health benefits of cannabis and hemp, not to mention the hundreds, if not thousands, of commercial, industrial, and residential uses of weed. To get started on your learning journey, please review our […]

Strange bedfellows: Russian, Israeli, and American National Security Advisors Summit

Upcoming Trilateral Russia -Israel -US National Security Advisors Summit. Focus on Syria and Iran By Andrew Korybko The Russian, “Israeli”, and American National Security Advisors will hold their first-ever trilateral summit in Jerusalem in June to discuss what the White House described as “regional security issues”, which is an obvious euphemism for Syria & Iran and […]