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By Paul Edwards May 28, 2019 “Information Clearing House” –   Science strives for predictability, questing for certainty it doubts exists.  The frontiers of physical research probe realms of paradox currently far beyond human reason.  Seismologists and volcanologists study temblors and eruptions avidly but can’t forecast events in real time. There is no science to predict […]

Bilderberg 2019 Annotated Members List — Video Rebel’s Blog

I prefer an in depth look at the participants which is why I have been doing annotated Bilderberg participants lists for several years. This year has lots of AI experts. As usual lots of military experts and bankers plus media and politicians. But lots of experts in populist revolts and movements. Based on their invitations […]

In the post-Obama era

Corporate Media Cold Warriors Smear Sanders and Gabbard as Traitors to Empire Danny Haiphong   […] The legacy of the Black liberation movement helped establish Black America as the most pro-peace constituency in the United States. As Black Agenda Report’s Executive Editor Glen Ford notes, Black G.I.s and military officers resisted efforts to put down the […]