European spies sought lessons from CIA’s brutal ‘Operation Condor’…A declassified CIA document shows that the intelligence services of France, the United Kingdom and West Germany discussed how to set up an ‘Operation Condor’ in Europe.The original Operation Condor hit South America, beginning in the 1970s. Operation Condor was terrorism planned by the CIA.Operation Condor murdered leftists…


It was the CIA which put the fascist dictatorships into power in South America.

The U.S. provided planning, training, funding and arms for Operation Condor.

European countries sold weapons to the CIA’s South American dictators.

Israel took over key roles in Gladio.

The leaders of the West knew about the ‘death flights’, where live victims of Operation Condor were thrown out of planes.

French intelligence had taught these and other methods to Argentine military officials.

The victims of Operation Condor included college students, musicians, writers, journalists, priests and nuns, pregnant women, teachers, indigenous leaders, and union members.

Our elite rulers are an alliance of Robber Barons, wealthy fascists, wealthy ‘Jews’, and various mafias. They do not care about the ordinary citizen, whether Jewish or whatever.



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