Psychopaths rise to the top

Only accept politicians who have proved they actually care about people other than themselves… ]

via All About Pete Buttigieg — O Society


  1. Yes. Psychopaths rise to the top.

    The Red People want a rich, white guy in charge.

    The Blue People want a black person, a woman, and/or a gay person in charge.

    Because identity politics.

    Me? I don’t care if the one in charge is black, white, grey, or rainbow. I’m just tired of the narcissistic sociopaths.

    When can we get one who cares about We, the People instead of Me?

  2. i probably should have mentioned why they rise to the top. Their lack of empathy allows them to be more ruthless than normal people. That gives them a competitive edge; willing to do things to advance themselves that normal people wouldnt (rob, kill, cheat, ect.).

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