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The Particularities of Black Disability

Black Agenda Radio with Nellie Bailey and Glen Ford Vilissa Thompson fights to make sure that Black disabled people’s lives matter, too.  A social worker and disabilities activist, Thompson is the creator of “Ramp Your Voice!” and the hash tag #DisabilitiesTooWhite, which she said is designed “to tune in on all these private conversations we have about […]

The Deplorable State of Human Rights in America — Global Research

In response to annual US reports on human rights in China, Beijing issues its own on the deplorable state of human rights in America. It’s latest report made the following introductory remarks, saying: As in previous years, the latest US … The post The Deplorable State of Human Rights in America appeared first on Global… via […]

Surveillance Capitalism: Threat to Democracy? — WhoWhatWhy

ARTHUR O’CONNOR The rule of Big Brother has begun, and we are all enabling this new authoritative regime, critics charge. We are empowering “surveillance capitalists” by revealing our every thought, word, and deed through our networked devices — our cars, cell phones, laptops, notepads, sensors, and voice-activated speakers (which do as much listening as speaking) […]