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The inscrutable Mr. Trump

The Trump Mysteries: Inconsistent Inconsistencies PATRICK ARMSTRONG Unlike the American Democratic Party, the Western news media and most of my neighbours, I do not fully understand Trump. Although, unlike all of them, I thought from the start he had a good chance of winning and, as time went on, became more confident and finally bet […]

England’s Irish Slaves — Global Research

Global Research Editor’s Note In 2008 (reposted in 2015), Global Research posted a short Oped article entitled The Irish Slave Trade: The Forgotten “White Slave”. This article which skimmed the surface of a complex historical process has been the object … The post England’s Irish Slaves appeared first on Global Research. via England’s Irish Slaves — […]

Pre-Planned WW3 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Trump is Pushing US Into Scripted and Pre-Planned World War III. via Pre-Planned WW3 — Strategic Culture Foundation