…”God finished creation in 7 days. There are 7 great land masses. 7 colors in the rainbow. 7 notes make a perfect scale. 7 days in the feast of Passover. 7 weeks between Passover and Pentecost. 7 days for the Feast of Tabernacles. “God had 7 covenants with humanity (Adamic, Noahic, Abrahamic, Mosaic, Levitic, Davidic, and…

via SYNCHRONICITY; TAOISM; WU WEI            — Aangirfan

Yeah. I had the same kind of feeling of something communicating with me through synchronicity in 2007. I spotted a cigar shaped UFO and decided to make a note of the time and date I saw it. I was amazed when I jotted down the numbers. It was July, 2007 at approx 7:00 AM. It also was Saturday, the seventh day of the week. The alignment of sevens was more amazing than the UFO sighting.



  1. I’ve had this happen a ton actually. I don’t think there has been a year in the last 7 years or so that it hasn’t occurred several times per year. When it first started to happen I ignored it as coincidence but the episodes can get so insistent that I eventually took note.

    In fact one night this week I noticed that I was seeing many 44s. I would randomly check the time at the 44th minute of the hour. If I was watching a video and paused it and got up, I’d return to see that I’d paused it at the 44th second of a minute, etc.

    After I took note I decided to try an experiment. I used the random number generator on google to generate a number between 1 and 50. I was just doing it on a lark really, since I was seeing so many 44s. To my surprise the random number generator produced 44 right away. I was laughing my @ss off after that.

    1. You must be in some kind of synchronicity vortex. I have never experienced such a thing. The closest I’ve come is last year, when I began noticing when I looked at the clock I would often see repeated digits: 11:11, 2:22, 3:33. And I originally thought this portended something ominous. Sure enough, I soon ended up in the hospital, where I nearly died. Twice! Funny, because since then I have been seeing repeated digits on the clock even more frequently. Either this means nothing or something really terrible is about to happen. Here is what I was thinking last year before my near death experience.

      It has been a strange several weeks in one respect. Maybe it’s been only two weeks, it’s hard to say. Often when I look at the digital clocks now it’s often the same numeral repeated. Whether 11:11, 4:44 or like now 3:33. Makes me feel apprehensive, like something ominous is about to happen. There has been an unusual number of these lately.

      As if to underscore the point, I received a phone call while writing this. Did a couple of other things and then sat back down to work. I glanced at the clock. It was 4:44. Eerie. That’s the first time it has happened two hours in a row, much less even two consecutive days. It is like a flashing signal in my individual metaphysical world. Meaningless or portentous, it’s nevertheless there. One of those things that can be experienced by nobody else but me.

      1. Interesting.

        I’ve never found that it presaged anything negative for me.
        I’ve had it happen to me a lot but only starting within the current decade.
        Before that it was not a phenomenon I experienced or even thought could happen.

        Randomly looking at a digital clock at just the right moment is one common source of the repeated digits.
        Looking is not usually accompanied by a conscious desire to know the time.
        I’ll just happen to glance at the right time to keep seeing the 44th minute of the hour, for example.

        Another example is going for a walk and not really paying attention to house numbers but the one you happen to notice is #44.
        Or picking up items at a pharmacy and noticing that it just happens to tally up to $11.44.
        Or seeing that the digital thermometer outside is saying 44 degrees.

        I’ll have periods where I keep seeing a number insistently and that is what gets my attention.
        When it first started I was wondering if anyone else experienced this and I found someone on youtube who had a channel about seeing 333.
        I’ve had periods of seeing repeated 3s too, and repeated 1s.

      2. I was actually able to remember the youtube channel.
        It was this:

    2. I’ve never found that it presaged anything negative for me.

      Interesting. I cannot say why I felt something ominous was portended in those numbers. Surely I must have seen repeated digits on the clock before without noticing. Why did I notice them in the weeks leading up to my near death? Perhaps I simply had a premonition and the awareness of the repeated digits is the form the premonition took? I cant say that I didnt expect something negative. Because I wrote it down June 1. Went to the hospital about June 19.

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