Black DOS should beware of black DOSO (descendants of slave owners)

…I’m just saying

(skip to 1:22)


  1. Afrofem · · Reply

    Just read this:

    Hmm. Facebook and Twitter have been blocking this group. Worth a look-see.

    What do you think, nomad?

    1. I’ll read that. In the meantime, I wish I could remember a reference from my research some 30 years ago on mulattoes. The author said that mulattoes, and black slave owners were always mulattoes, were often more cruel in their punishment of slaves than whites were. The animosity of this elite mulatto class towards DOS seems to have continued after slavery, which is why I was somewhat apprehensive when a mulatto was elected president. Dont get me wrong. Mulattoes can be pro-black, like F. Douglass and Bob Marley, but the ones that subscribe to white supremacy are not. Unfortunately my apprehensions about Obama were prescient. Kamala is of the same mold. Obama 2.0.

    2. Yes, I think this is a very important agenda and glad someone put it in writing. Because power concedes nothing without a demand. Not that the psychopaths running the government will assent, but the demand needs to be formulated, as it has been done here. Thanks for showing it to me. I have always felt that having the overwhelming bulk of affirmative action money going to white minorities (actually I think white women are a majority) was a travesty. Another way of shafting blacks. I wonder how many white husbands benefited.

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