Wickedness in high places: National, global, exo-political, and cosmic


Earth is in historic revolution at four levels, with 2019 analogous to The Emperor’s New Clothes when We the People trust our own eyes to see:
  1. Ongoing US illegal rogue state empire, lying for centuries to neocolonial-loot targeted “slave” groups (human resources) parasitizing natural resources that annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions. The empire’s lies are paper-thin, repeated in controlled corporate media and public education, and will be recognized and ended in a relative moment after We the People choose to look rather than take dictates from literal .01% psychopaths.
  2. Global neocolonialism from all so-called “developed” and “former” colonial powers, any of whom could end outrageous naked empire by pointing and speaking the obvious: US/UK/Israel-led armed attacks are Orwellian-illegal and all started with lies known to be false as they are told. These Wars of Aggression are in contrast to reneged promises since 1969 to end all poverty on Earth that have killed ~400 million just since the Clinton presidency (more than all wars and violence in all recorded human history).
  3. Exo-political/ET empire extending beyond recorded history, yet obvious from literal rock-solid evidence of ancient technology creating structures bigger, more precise, and faster than modern technology is capable. The evidence is overwhelming and Emperor’s New Clothes obvious for those willing to look, and only opposed by factless denial, distraction, and attacking the messengers.
  4. Cosmic, as once ET evidence is embraced we must also conclude that whatever consciousness manages Earth has chosen to allow robust evil to invade, occupy, and ongoingly attack all Earth’s inhabitants (I speculate evil’s purpose here).

-Carl Herman

via 2019 revolution (top-down & bottom-up) on 4 levels of .01% rogue state empires: US, global, exo-political/ET, and cosmic to allow such robust evil — Carl Herman

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