The United States of Israel

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Walker Bragman@WalkerBragman

Where would anyone get the idea that AIPAC has undue influence in DC? — Walker Bragman (@WalkerBragman) February 11, 2019 ps. PRO-ISRAEL LOBBY CAUGHT ON TAPE BOASTING THAT ITS MONEY INFLUENCES WASHINGTON

Democratic Party Insiders Create Group To Promote Israel to Progressives

The new group, “Democratic Majority for Israel (DMFI),” is the latest in a long line of groups working for Israel in the United States.


  1. This article by Caitlin Johnstone fleshes out some more details about the beatdown on Congresswoman Omar:

    The Dems lead the charge….

    1. Yeah. I read that. The Dems are shameful Israel sycophants.

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