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The direct line from the Nazis to the Neo-Cons — Brasscheck TV

A little history The Neo-cons draw Nazi legal theory Why does US foreign – and even domestic policy – so often echo the behavior of the Nazi regime? A little history answers the question… There’s a direct line from the Nazis to the Neo-Cons – and the Neo-Cons are clearly who the powers-that-be want in… via […]

Let us spray

Geoengineer Alan Robock Prefers Nozzles to Spray Chemtrails — Monitoring the Planned Poisoning of Humanity   Hsaive | Geoengineers Prefer Using Aircraft Nozzles to Spray Chemicals into the Atmosphere In the video below, we analyze exhaust plumes from an Airbus A-380 to provide evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that jet aircraft are spraying chemical compounds in a […]