Black Israelites

I’m sure abagond won’t mind my publishing this. But if he does, who cares?

Black Israelites (1896- ), also known as Hebrew Israelites and similar names, are Black people who say they are descendants of the Israelites in the Bible. Most practise a Black American form of Judaism and account for maybe 10% to 20% of all Black Jewish people in the US. Rastafarians are an offshoot of the Black Israelites.

They are best known, in the north-eastern US, for their street-corner preaching and calling people names. In fact, they made news across the US this week for calling some MAGA-hat-wearing boys from Covington Catholic High School names. But not all of them are like that.

Note: I am not a Black Israelite – this post merely presents my current understanding of them.

Location: They are found in at least the US, Canada, Jamaica, and Israel. Most are Black Americans, but that is not a requirement. Some try to convert Native Americans and Puerto Ricans, not just Blacks. You can even be White and be a Black Israelite!

No hive mind: Like any Bible-based religion, they are split over disagreements about the Bible. Some do not eat pork, some do not even eat meat. Some believe Jesus was the Messiah, some that he was only a prophet. Some follow Orthodox Jewish practices, some mix in Pentecostalism or Black nationalism. Some follow Black supremacist teachings, most do not. Some are violent, most are not.

A few of the groups:

  • House of Israel – the ones who called the MAGA-behatted names. They do it to everyone, even Black people. It is part of their communication strategy.
  • Church of God and Saints of Christ – the oldest, founded by Prophet William S. Crowley, an Exoduster, in 1896. They own 400 acres in Virginia, a place called Canaan Land.
  • African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem – 400 Blacks who who left the US in 1967 to settle in southern Israel (by way of Liberia) to found the Kingdom of God and to set an example for mankind. Not Back to Africa, but Back to Israel. They now number about 2,000.
  • House of Yahweh – follows Yahweh Ben Yahweh as the Messiah. Were violent in the 1980s, killing people on his orders.
  • ISUPK – The Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge, which the Southern Poverty Law Center says “are more interested in demonizing ‘the Jews’ and whites than working for solutions to the very real racial problems in the country.”

God’s Chosen People: Black Israelites say that Black Americans match both the Bible’s description of the Israelites and its prophecies concerning them. European Jews certainly do not. Nor do Caucasian Arabs.

The bad news is that after the Israelites fell away from God they lost their homeland and then, after winding up in West Africa, were singled out by God for punishment to be slaves in the Americas.

The good news is that if they understand who they are and follow the Bible, not the fake White Christianity or Judaism they have been fed, they will they rise from their suffering: “And the Lord shall make thee the head and not the tail” (Deuteronomy 28:13).

Thanks to darqbeauty and v8driver for suggesting this post.

– Abagond, 2019.


  1. “Black Israelite”? I never heard any of the Hebrew Israelites refer to themselves as such. That’s what the mainstream media just decided to call them.

    And then this beauty:

    ” the ones who called the MAGA-behatted names. They do it to everyone, even Black people”

    They do it to everyone? This just shows abagond is still taking his talking points directly from CNN/NYTimes. In my many encounters with them, I have never been called a name by a Hebrew Israelite. Although I have seen disrespectful people getting disrespected by them in return.

    And as to Abagond’s disclaimer, have you ever seen him do that when he wrote a post on any other group? I guess he has to reassure his white masters.

    1. thanks. i knew nothing about them myself. i should have known better than rely on the words of liar and distorter.

      1. They are fixtures of certain high-traffic areas in many big cities (e.g., Times Sq in NY, Chinatown in DC, Market East in Philly). They use bible verses to make their case that black descendants of slaves are the people of the King James Version of the Bible. Despite what abagond and the mainstream media suggest, they don’t just verbally attack people randomly. What often happens is people will take offense to what they say and start arguing with them, and they will argue back–and they don’t hold back (but are never violent).

        You can find a lot of their videos on youtube, particularly the ISUPK group. Some are quite entertaining!

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