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Barack Obama Scolds “Healthcare Queens”! While Defending ACA



In The Four Gospels, Emile Victor Rieu refers to the Gospel writers.According to Rieu:St Mark’s Gospel is thought to have been written about A.D. 65 and was probably the earliest of the four Gospels.Mark makes no mention of the Nativity story.John makes no mention of the Nativity story.Some people wonder how many of the Gospel stories… […]

On Sunday Night, A “Super Blood Wolf Moon” Will Cross Over The White House On The 2nd Anniversary Of Trump’s Presidency — The Economic Collapse

Could it be possible that a “harbinger of doom” is about to cross directly over Washington D.C. on Sunday night? Some people seem to think so, and they are pointing to passages in the Bible such as the one where Jesus warns that there will be “signs in the sun, and in the moon, and… via […]