The diversity con game

Glen Ford


…Black anchors are more likely to be believed by Black audiences, than white anchors. Their Blackness legitimizes media lies in ways that white news readers cannot. Thus, they are priceless corporate assets — and objective adversaries of the Black struggle.

Media corporations were among the first to recognize that “diversity” among high-profile personnel legitimizes corporate policies and practices, but the rest of the corporate world gradually learned the core lesson: diversity insulates the bosses from criticism by large elements of the oppressed classes, while posing little or no threat to capital and the rule of rich white men.

The Democrats think they can run a political party that way, too, by substituting “diversity” for actual programs to empower, feed, clothe, house, educate and employ people.

The Congressional Black Caucus, itself, is part of the diversity con game. It’s members pose as guardians of racial justice in the halls of Congress, yet three quarters of them voted to make police a “protected class”and four out of five Black lawmakers supported continued militarization of local police through the Pentagon’s 1033 program.


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