The federal government is finally willing to look into rampant police brutality – but only if the cops don’t mind

Police brutality across the US is now bad enough that the federal government is finally willing to look at the statistics – if the cops don’t mind. The FBI is starting a data collection effort, based on voluntary self-reports. Read Full Article at

via Rampant US police violence prompts nationwide FBI inquiry — RT US News


  1. Nothing more than damage control.

    1. an absolutely meaningless gesture. what fools these americans be to allow police to abuse citizens at will. we live under police terror, the constant threat of violence even upon innocent people and children. not safe from it in your own backyard, garage or home. yeah, its okay with most americans because they like to see blacks abused and former slaves held in check. but the police state is burgeoning. more and more whites are victims. as harriet tubman was depicting saying, to lincoln in that movie Confederate States of America: “We’s all niggers now”.

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