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Purpose of Chemtrails? — Aangirfan

… via Purpose of Chemtrails? — Aangirfan

THE REAL NAZIS — Aangirfan

Himmler and his daughter Gudrun.Gudrun Burwitz, née Himmler,1929 – 2018, was the daughter of Heinrich Himmler, ‘chief architect of the Final Solution’. [1]Himmler was reportedly Jewish, and was allowed to escape after World War II.HITLER’S JEWISH NAZIS – PART 1 / HITLER’S JEWISH NAZIS – PART 2 / HITLER’S JEWISH NAZIS – PART 3Himmler’s daughter […]

QOTD: Kavanaugh and faux opposition

Now that it’s too late to prevent a total rightwing takeover of the Supreme Court, the Democrats pretend to be the party of opposition …Kavanaugh’s role in protecting the Bush administration torture regime has taken a back seat. The Democrats don’t ask because they don’t care. Or rather they care about upholding the Democrats’ role […]