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The Psychopathocracy: Not Just for White Guys Anymore

What a picture. It’s us and it ain’t pretty.

So, it’s three weeks before the US midterm elections, and it looks like we have got ourselves a horse race! That’s right, folks, once again, it’s time to start playing with those forecast maps on Real Clear Politics and FiveThirtyEight, and obsessively following the fluctuating poll numbers of congressional candidates you have never heard of…

Remember, if you don’t vote for somebody, somebody else is going to win, and we can’t afford to let that happen!

On November 6, 2018, Americans will be returning to the polls to exercise their inalienable right to choose between two corporate-financed, ruling class-vetted political stooges competing for the chance to pretend to represent them in the House of Representatives and the Senate, and in various gubernatorial, municipal, and somewhat lesser distinguished chambers.

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  1. I have a sister who never votes. Now I understand how smart she is. Way ahead of me. I’m joining her.

  2. I think you should only vote if you’re getting something tangible out of it. If politicians don’t have a black economic empowerment plan, won’t make or didn’t previously deliver on promises to provide financial benefits, punish racist/corrupt law enforcement, etc. then they don’t deserve my vote. And I couldn’t care less if such politician is the “lesser of two evils.”

    If you want my vote, it comes at a price. A high price at that.

    1. One two three four
      What the heck are we voting for?

      If we learned nothing else from the Obama years we should have learned that even when Demorats are in power -even when they control the House, Senate and Presidency- they govern just like Repugnicans. They pass Republican healthcare and try to cut social security and foment wars abroad. Just like Repugs. In a 2 party system where both parties are rightwing, all you do when you vote is endorse the system.

      Babylon system. The system that exploits you and commits warcrimes in your name.

      1. Right, and during those Obama years Republicans cried about fiscal responsibility and what do they do when they get into power? Blow up the deficit even more than Democrats.

        And the mentality of the masses that only the Republicrats have a chance of winning means the duopoly will never die.

    2. If eight years of Obama taught us anything, it’s that a black president can do immense damage to the cause of black working class families.

      bruce dixon

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