“Intelligent evil dust scattered everywhere like confetti” —Julian Assange’s last words before his Internet was permanently cut off


Could this be what I saw descending from the sky three years ago? ‘Intelligent evil dust scattered  like confetti’?

Now this is interesting. Remember the analogy I made about dust particles being captured in the beam of a flashlight? Well, what I do when I want to look directly towards the sun while simultaneously blocking the sun itself is to stand behind/in the shadow of the satellite dish on the roof. It’s the perfect size for blocking out the sun.


This time, however, I noticed something I had never seen before, too minute to show up on this photo. Looking at the halo around the satellite dish, the blocked sun, I could see caught in the glare tiny glittery specks milling around, seemingly descending from the sky. And not microscopic sized particles either. They were relatively large. Smaller than glitter or salt grains, but still quite noticeable. It makes me wonder if these glittery specks reflect something that has happened locally, like a truck spill, or is this some kind of chaff dropped from those chemtrail planes? I never thought that the particulates were big enough to see with the naked eye.

Nope. Damn! This is the stuff! I just went outside to take a second look at the particles in that halo. And the glittery particulates stretched upward into the distance. It’s not coming from some local event. It’s coming from the sky. These are the chems from the chemtrails.


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