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Google’s Subversive Electioneering

SEPTEMBER 21, 2018 sputniknews.com Big tech companies like Google have the power to “shift upwards of 12 million votes with no one knowing they’re doing so,” a research psychologist said, underscoring the influence profit-making firms can have on public elections. That, he said, is too much power for “just a couple of executives” and is why […]

The Abominable NYT Reaches a New Low — Stephen Lendman

The Abominable NYT Reaches a New Low by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman) On geopolitical issues mattering most, especially on war and peace along with anything about Russia, the Times features all propaganda all the time. Journalism the way it should be was long ago abandoned. […] The lengthy Russian US election […]

Generation being born now is the last to be free – Assange in last interview before blackout

Published time: 20 Sep, 2018 18:16Edited time: 21 Sep, 2018 10:08 Get short URL Before his links to the world was cut by his Ecuadorian hosts, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange gave an interview on how technological advances are changing humankind. He said global surveillance will soon be totally unavoidable. The interview was provided to RT […]