QOTD: I want “to lock-up niggers”

One of the many hundreds of Chicago riot police assembled to intimidate and scatter [protesters] pointed his baton at me and made a baseball swing with it. He lifted his visor and revealed the smiling face of a white-ethnic guy I used to play baseball with from Chicago’s Southeast Side (the notorious former racist Chicago Alderman Eddie Vrdolyak’s neighborhood). The last time I’d seen him he’d been a small-businessman with a new career dream. He wanted, he said with sheer racist impunity, “to become a Chicago police officer” and “to lock-up niggers.” The uniform he wore showed that he’d gotten his wish.

Think that cop doesn’t enjoy watching the Laquan McDonald death video and isn’t rooting for [killer cop] Van Dyke’s exoneration? God knows how many white Amerikaners back the right of police to gun down Black youths with sheer impunity.


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