Good cop, bad cop

The McCain funeral places the Obamas right where they belong: sitting next to their Republican co-conspirators against the well-being of the everyday American. A picture is worth a thousand words. Evil paying tribute to evil. That’s all the McCain funeral was. Appropriately, Obama sits to the right of Bush. I hate the allusion behind all of the anti-Trump rhetoric, from both Democrats and Republicans, that he is an awful president. He is, but these fools were no better. Quiet as a cap. Obama’s black skin does not make him a better person, anymore than the color of a car can make it perform better. To my mind he is worse than Trump or Bush because he deceived and betrayed black people in his service to Empire. I’ll stop writing here before I start cursing.


  1. Never thought about this:

    Obama will have a hard time living down snubbing Aretha and then giving a nauseating eulogy to Colonizer McCain.
    The audacious racial and imperial impunity of Obama’s choice and speech spoke volumes – yet more evidence that Black Agenda Report was right to denounce him as a friend and agent of the racist and capitalist U.S. Empire from the birth of the Obama phenomenon.

  2. Michelle and Bush43 were seen talking playfully at the McCain service. Perhaps this was their dialogue:

    George:“You know, Michelle, I killed more people than your husband did.”

    Michelle:“Yes George, that’s true, but Barack widened the geographic scope and the body count of the drone war. He blew up Libya. He really expanded the US military presence quite dramatically in Africa. He covered your ass on torture. You were just getting started on bailing out Wall Street. Barack really followed through on that. And he had you way beat on deporting immigrants and on prosecuting and imprisoning whistle-blowers. And don’t forget Honduras. And he did all this while pretending to be a liberal. Now, that was impunity!”

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