Hey Aretha +Update

This post will be a review of my favorite Aretha Franklin songs: R.I.P.

Aretha, Sing One for Me – George Jackson

UPDATE: The above was posted because it was a YouTube mix. I was under the impression that the entire sequence of the mix would play automatically. For the sake of full disclosure I have to say that I say a little prayer is not among my favorite Aretha Franklin songs. Its “okay”. I don’t think it’s a bad song or among my least favorite.  It’s just… okay. BTW, I think my least favorite Aretha song is her cover of  Don’t Play That Song.  She hardly did it justice. It would have been better if she had adhered closer to the cadence and inflections of the original. But this is a post about my favorites, not my least favorites.

On the other hand, sometimes my taste changes. Here is a new favorite. I never paid much attention to this song before, but listening to it just yesterday it struck me as very sax worthy; that is, worthy of becoming a part of my repertoire as a saxophonist, which has become my way of evaluating virtually all music: “would it sound good as a saxophone instrumental?”. This one rocks, and it reminds me that Aretha Franklin’s voice very much has the quality of an alto saxophone. Many of her songs, even one’s I don’t particular care for would make good sax instrumentals. This one is quintessential Aretha.

And on this part here, the sax would sound so good stretching for those high notes. Unfortunately my horn needs a tune up and I may not be able to reach those notes now but if I do I’ll post my rendition:

As I say, this is a post about my favorite Aretha Franklin songs. I think number one on that list is this:

I play this often, by which I mean, I play along with it often. It is a part of my repertoire. And this one:

This one, I play often as well. It flows so easily, and is hence one of my favorites to play:

She certainly nailed this cover of the original. I like Aretha’s version better.

And this one! This is simply a blues masterpiece, not far removed from its gospel roots.

I mean, the doors of the church are open! The same could be said of this one. Very churchy.

I dont know these, instrumentally. I’ll feel them out today. They are classic Aretha. Deep blues.


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  1. Well, I wanted to give the Aretha songs a shot yesterday. I couldnt play the new favorites because my computer mysteriously could not connect to the Internet and I can only access those songs on YouTube.. Im surprised that the web is accessible this morning. Glad. Buy it will likely be too hot today to play outside, which is my practice venue. Plien air. If I cant play outside, I dont play. I did play the Aretha songs I have on CD though. A little rusty after two months hiatus. And my horn is not in good condition so I couldnt hit the high notes. And most Aretha songs are in the high register. Thats why I only have a few of them,in my repertoire. Because they are so high, they are hard to play. Ill try again later.

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