This is why Roseanne show was really cancelled!

Could Roseanne Barr be right?

I’ve got to publish this!!! Roseanne is a truth teller! In spite of her great kerfuffle last month. She uses the term I use to describe the criminals that rule over us. Rule by psychopaths, just as I have discerned. She also calls them vampires, just as I and Bob Marley did. And of course I don’t really give a damn that she insulted the reprehensible Valerie Jarrett. What Roseanne says here is much more important. May she continue to speak these hidden truths.


  1. taotesan · · Reply

    Two wrongs do not make a right.
    This is very contradictory .
    She supports the apartheid state of israel which genocides the original land owners. It is the same state,that while usurpers continue to loot from Africa,treats African refugees with less than contempt.

    So who exactly are ‘vampires’ she is prattling on about ? A celebrity controled opposition that supports the genocide of Palestinians. This one is against BDS.

    Rose-anne Barr,being jewish, wants to pin the entire 9-11 on Bush ,as if he was the mastermind. What about her pal,netanyahou?
    So now the jewish puppets and minions are the vampires. SMH.

    Mmm big words ,like patriarchy . Spoken like a true white jewish female libber. With the white jews women and men as equal partners on top and Blacks beneath consideration as human beings.

    Not buying it.

    She benefits fron jewish supremacy .

    In my book, controlled opposition , racist and islamophobic through and through.
    The shyster has even mentioned running for prime minister of israel.

    Definitely not a truth -teller .

    Perhaps the show was pulled for other reasons:like she spoke out aloud what they all think about Black people (jews and whites about Black people ).

    Nice damage control and PR.

    Find out what she thinks of Gazan and African women.

    1. Honestly I have never liked Roseanne. I could not suffer thru even one episode of her show. So I am sure youre right.

      Its just the notion of rule by psychopaths that captured my attention because I have been developing my own theory of the psychopathocracy, Actually I dont trust Roseanee nor the framer of this perspective, Abby Martin. But that is the way the story was framed. So I venture to say youre right about her.

    2. I may have to change my opinion of Abby Martin. She was impressive on Jimmy Dore’s show.

  2. taotesan · · Reply

    I respect your blog and your intregrity, nomad.
    But this time ,I think you have it wrong. This woman is a right -wing zionist.

    Not once has she come under fire for all the offensive things she has said against Palestinian (women).

  3. taotesan · · Reply

    nomad,I am taking a chance here. Usually ,you reply quickly or within the day.

    I sincerely hope all is all right .

    Perhaps you are snowed under or taking a lovely vacation .

  4. taotesan · · Reply


    Sending best wishes.

  5. taotesan · · Reply

    Good morning ,nomad .

    Thinking of you and sending you my best wishes from Cape Town.

  6. taotesan · · Reply

    I had been checking in everyday on your blog,nomad. Your non-responsive is uncharacteristic of you .

    Sending you best wishes.

  7. taotesan · · Reply

    Good morning,nomad.

    Checking in again if you have re-surfaced.

    I hope it is either just bad bout of flu or a brilliant holiday (vacation).

    Still, sending you my best wishes.

    1. thank you! thank you! almost left thiis world. been literally fighting for my life. i am very sick. almost died.

  8. cancer. doubl,e pneumonia bad surgery. taotessan. they ac!tually punctured my heart! cant quite wrilyte, i nearly left this world, hard to write.

  9. it has been hell

  10. taotesan · · Reply

    Hello nomad

    Sending my best wishes and hope you are doing much better today .

    I am forcing myself to do something ,to write at least .

    Almost everything has gone to the dogs in my life. I am not coherent and i am probably fragmented but that is not to say that the search for truth is completely over.

    To continue with this thread, one can clearly see the parade of jewish privilege on display .
    An African American ,whose will is bent to serve jewish supremacy like almost all of us on the planet, should be thanked for doing their dirty work instead of being dehumanized. You must know how nobody can complete a sentence with the j word in it,without their livelihood being threatened,their careers ruined ,death threats and actual death , prison sentences and the shrill ‘anti-semitic’ charge bursting every-one ‘s ear-drums.

    Just imagine what would have happened to Ms Jarret, rephensible or not, if she so much as said the j word in defence? Right. Career over . And a forced apology. With continued public humiliation .

    This brought me the the other glaring issue: that jews OWN all the media. Funny that an actress (running for nomination in the Green Party) should be given a platform to discuss her jewish grandmother and try to push pornography which is a jewish enterprise and efective weapon against the goyim to help amongst the thousands of other weapons to destroy humanity.

    I had remained agnostic about the RT debate but my own conclusion is that it is controlled opposition and jewish owned. One has to read between the lines,even though Abby Martin has come out for the Palestinians.

    In the aftermath of 9/11,i had learned that jewish power can shut down any newspaper in the world and have thousands of journalists worldwide in their pocket .

    (Now more than ever, with the gargantuan cleanup on the internet of their dirty deeds and a massive campaign of disinformation and controlled opposition, it exposes that most of the remaining media in the spotlight is in their clutches)

    One of the biggest lies told to the world is that communism ended.
    Why does the distracting Abby Martin and the team of RT, not tackle that ?
    No. Neither has RT ,for all their ‘rigorous journalism’, not informed us that 9/11 was a nuclear event, masterminded by israel.

    Why,when some disparate awake people around the world, are fully aware of the other tawdy swindle, why do they still push that the holohoax is a real thing?

    The same tactic, employed by the likes of Einstein,Wise,Kasrils , all jews, all communists (except the Black communist dupes) and liberalsis to align themselves as sympathizers and co-sufferers with Black people, hence Black Lives Matter given some attention ,who some say is funded by Soros.

    When we understand that almost the whole world is very bad jewish theatre , we can see these two are overpaid mistresses of deception.

    *Valerie Jarret like all us minions ,do their dirty work, wittingly or unwillingly. To see why she is reprehensible ,we also have to examine the power structures that has managed to get Americans to fight endless wars against innocents abroad since 1939 , the strategies of division amongst non-jews and why.

  11. taotesan · · Reply

    Something did not sound right with this story .So I did a little more investigation.

    My interest is solidarity and interest in African Americans and who the original oppressors are,not so mud -slinging from two bit actresses.

    Why would an administration who cares less than nothing for Black people, get a two bit actress fired ? Turns out unbeknownst to most Americans and Barr, Jarrett had obscured her ancestry just like her boss. Acording to multiple jewish sources and Jarrett herself,she is jewish. This was only revealed after Barr, thought it was thoroughly acceptable to insult a woman who she thought had Arab and African ancestry .

    Her inadvertant Ambien fuelled gaffes reveals Barr as a jewish racist. And this woman was nominated as a Green Party candidate. I wonder what Cynthia McKinney and Ajumu Baraka’s thoughts were on this.

    Another thing,Black people are generally not known as slumlords.

    Jarrett is not Black .

    Almost all of Obama ‘s appointments were jews.

    Barr’s has- been show was canned because she unwittingly insulted a more powerful jew in high office , not for intentional racism against a woman perceived to be non-jew.

    1. and she was born in iran.

      Valerie Jarrett was born in Iran to African-American parents.

      but shes also jewish. how does that work?

      Valerie Jarrett, President Obama’s senior adviser and assistant for intergovernmental affairs and public engagement, disclosed her Jewish ancestry to a Jewish gathering

      so rosanne wasnt far off in her cut. it was wrong but people are overreacting. rosanne is a comedian and thats the kind of things they say. at standup it would have gotten guffaws.

      valerie jarret does look like that character

  12. thanks. good info. Ill have more to say later

  13. I had remained agnostic about the RT debate but my own conclusion is that it is controlled opposition and jewish owned. One has to read between the lines,even though Abby Martin has come out for the Palestinians.

    One thing to be aware of is the timestamps here This is an RT interview and it appears to have been done Feb 2017.. A year and a half before the Ambien kerfluffle. Abby no longer wokrs for RT. How this old interview was dug up as the reason for the present cancellation is a puzzle. But as I say I was simply impressed that Barr had said these things. I wish I could be more coherent but I can barely string two sentences together. So dont count RT as Jewish controlled. On the otherhand I suspect Abby Martin of CIA connections, ust from the way she blasted her putative boss Putin over Crimea. This video is from WeAretheNews rehashing an old RT interview. Why they thought this old interview had something to do with the present cancellation I dont know. But its not RT saying this.

    Hey. Just discovered I was on the Michael Jackson drug for a while and on some breathing machine when I was going thru the worst of it. Powerful drug. Had hallucinations. They give you stuff that make you forget. Cant quite grasp the term . Amnesia is the root word. I can see how Michael could have got hooked on that shit. I am slowly learning about the part of what happened to me that I cant remember.

    Hope some of this makes sense.

  14. taotesan · · Reply

    Dear nomad

    I am very sorry for being so obtuse.

    I really do not have words or the right words to convey to you how sorry i am for what you have been through.

    Even though this is an internet exchange, I feel a deep sense of compassion for you.

    I must pause and offer you my deepest gratitude for your continuing quest for the truth . And the person behind the screen,I gather, is a very compassionate,just, truthful,considerate,kind,creative and funny person . I am sure the people in your life would agree with my deduction.

    I have not had a good day.

    While you have come back ,I want to go.
    The pain is some-times too much .
    Calling upon the wisdom of my heroes comes and goes.

    1. I am so angry, taotesan. Almost all the suffering I have been forced to endure was unnecessary I came to the hospital for help. They punctured my aorta and caused my kidneys to fail, I am very very angry that a bout of pneumonia could turn in to all of this. I am very very angry. I dont have words to say how angry I am. I came here for help and they gave me so much pain and suffering they had to give me amnesia causing drugs to make me forget how much pain I had to endure. I am very very angry. Stuff happened to me that is too horrible to remember. So they wiped it from my mind. I am very very angry.

      1. thanks for being here to hear my story, you are a true friend.

    2. as always, you know i am looking for your visits in my stats. are you all right? i hope so. i dont have much new to say. hard to think.

    3. My head hurts. Makes me appreciate how it is for me when I am able to write and thin clearly. I appreciate your “obtuseness”. I like how you want to get to the heart of the matter. That educates me. If I wasnt so cloudy I could say more. But alas I have to give up trying to put words together for now. I will return.

  15. I can only imagine what you are going thru. There have been times in my life where I have definitely wanted to go the other direction. I dont know. Mine were more impulses than desires. I still have them. But death, such as I have learned, is so terrible that you will do anything to fight against it. I dont know anything worse. No worse feeling. Yes, I would say call upon your heroes. Mine are mostly musical. And it is the music that is the hero moreso than the person who made the music, tho one cannot exist without the other. The hero musicians are those that can make contact with the great spirit and bring back from it those pearls of wisdom and power. I feel my connection thru those gems. I dont know. I discover when I am in those dire straights my impulse is to fight. Of course I have standing with me my siblings. My brother and my 4 sisters. I dont think I could be here without them. I would have died in 2013 without them. So I dont know. I now I am very lucky to have such a support system. So I cannot say how to survive without such people in your life. I simply dont know. I can only say to people that have no support, be stronger than I am. Be stronger than I could ever possibly be myself.

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