Here is what self-described patriots think is a good thing +Update

Brilliant move by POTUS provides way for win-win for NFL kneeling protestors

I thought it was “unfucking believable” that they thought it was a good thing. I’ll try to reconstruct my comment later today. Basically I said it was an autocratic lottery where Kardashians and football players could petition for their friends and it does not address the problem of systemic racist policing and that Trump does have the power to do that. Either they didn’t like my tone or didn’t appreciate my assertion. But fuck them (I’m in a pretty foulmouthed mood). This is what happens when someone censors my comments. I take the battle to Aisle C.



i see my comments removed. that means the people i was talking to got the message. was my language too harsh for public display?

And since they are so eager to grant Trump the powers of a king, I see that they are no real patriots at all but Trump minions. I’ll keep visiting them though. There are some real gems of information scattered amidst their bullshit.
I probably could have been more civil. I said this proposal by Trump was bullshit. The protest was not about individuals but a system of racist policing. That if he was serious about it he would  address it. The system is broken, I said. Not only does he not attempt to fix it he doesn’t even recognize that it’s broken. As I recall, I said it better than this :).
Then I came back an added that it was unfucking believable that people who call themselves patriots can think this is a good idea.


  1. Our self described patriots are delusional. I won’t comment there anymore but I’ll keep track of their distorted vision of the ‘heroic’ Donald Trump. Sickening that these patriots have no real regard for non-white people. Only for those who adopt a white supremacist outlook. Like Kanye West and Candace Owens.They are no real patriots at all but Trump minions.

    LM posted this lovely note to all us Deplorables around the world:
    “One if the sweetest and most remarkable things that I have seen lately is the Black community coming around to the Deplorable side of things and doing so in a very visible and courageous way.”

    News flash to patriots. Candace Owens and Kanye West are not the black community.

  2. Just as I said about

    They are no real patriots at all but Trump minions.

    From their own mouth:

    We are Trump’s “troops on the ground.”

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