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The Obama formula: Works every time


Trump: The Authoritarian and Inauthentic Opposition

Rotten to the Heart: Authoritarian Chickens Roosting at Home by PAUL STREET FacebookTwitterGoogle+RedditEmail Yes, He’s Awful Much of what liberals say about Donald Trump and the chilling political moment the Trump presidency represents is true enough. Trump really is the arch-authoritarian malignant narcissist that liberals say he is.  Trump thinks he deserves to rule the nation […]

Here is what self-described patriots think is a good thing +Update

Brilliant move by POTUS provides way for win-win for NFL kneeling protestors I thought it was “unfucking believable” that they thought it was a good thing. I’ll try to reconstruct my comment later today. Basically I said it was an autocratic lottery where Kardashians and football players could petition for their friends and it does […]